A New Mommy, a New World of Exploration

A new life

Hello and Welcome. New Mommy Life came about shortly after I found out I was preggo. I was scared, excited and… I don’t know what quite else to say, in order to be able to articulate into words what I felt. If you’ve ever been pregnant before, perhaps you know what I mean. I think my anxiety mostly stemmed from the fact that I was not ‘trying’ to become pregnant. So, I did what I always do in times of fear or confusion. I prayed. I received confirmation that everything was going to be just fine. Then my mind began to shift, I was now a part of this whole “motherhood” thing. This group of women that I would watch from afar while I was out shopping for a new pair of TOMS, or dining out stag at Nordstrom Cafe. I would catch myself staring at them, and their children and would quickly have to look away for fear that I would be admonished or looked upon as a creep. Now that I am on the other side, I can see why so many people can’t help but smile at the sight of another beautiful and precious human being (in a small package) come into your presence. I became more conscious and mindful of this new life my body was creating and nurturing, and also how I was giving up so much, yet making a tiny minuscule sacrifice, as my baby grew second by second. While my body was changing, my mind was transforming, I was less concerned about my health and well-being and grew more and more concerned with my unborn. I know that may sound strange, since as a pregnant woman, your health is and should be the utmost importance, and it was. However, I am digging deeper here, and I was beginning to think about other women, mothers or not, and their children, not just mine. I thought about how many women out there in the world, lacked the advantages and opportunities I had. I became concerned. In the age of “it’s all about me” and self preservation, that’s a very powerful statement, and not contemplated enough in our society, in my humble opinion. Thus, New Mommy Life became a form of a calling, if you will. An inner part of my spirit that I had yet to know. And so, here it is, the first step on this journey, where it will lead me, I have yet to know, but I hope I can inspire and join together with other moms and women, as I pursue this path of love, health and wellness for all. #NewMommyLife #Unity #Health #Wellness #Love #Hope #Positivity


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