Lemon Detox Water

Detox Lemon Lime Water
Detox Lemon-Lime Water.

“It takes 21 days to form a new habit.” – James Clear. Sounds easy enough, right? We’ve all been there. We’re excited and really feeling the motivation from the Instagram scroll that kept our attention for an hour too long, but we justify it because it added to our much needed inspiration and got us focused. Whatever new endeavor you were attempting; increase our exercise, improve our nutrition, decrease our alcohol consumption or the amount of reality t.v. we watch on a weekly basis. The lists can go on. Instead if attempting to tackle the multitude of things I wish to change in my life. I referred back to a common acronym; K.I.S.S… ( I’ll let you fill in the blanks). So I started with the one person I can control. Me. Even after giving birth, having this tiny individual to take care of, still does not render me in control of her, funny how that works…. and because of that, I came to the realization that in order for me to be a better person, thus enabling me to become and be a better mommy. I have to first master my own self discipline. So I began simple  (which is my biggest goal here.) I want to encourage other mommies to not be so hard on themselves, to get back to simplicity and take things one step at a time. That is exactly what I did.

Detox Water
Detox Water

With a simple water routine that I was eager to form into a habit. Having 16 oz (minimum) of room temp lemon or lemon-lime water each and every morning, soon after I’ve awakened (or been awakened by Khynd) and before I eat or drink anything (yes, even my beloved Detox Tea). As I drink, I focus on the cleansing of my palate, my next breath, my poster, all the while contemplating how to increase and infuse more humility into my life. In a sense, it’s a detox for my body (hepatic and renal systems to be exact) but for my mind as well. This simple act of a detox or cleanse, enables me to calm myself, start a new day fresh and remember to keep things simple. I encourage you to give it a try. #DetoxWater #Detox #Cleanse #NewMommyLife


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