Success – Altruism & Inspiration


It seems like a simple enough process, right? There are plenty of books on the subject, blog posts, newspaper and magazine articles, tweets and even Instagram posts or Memes… the list goes on and on.

I’ve been intrigued by the seemingly ever eluding notion of success. I didn’t grow up around people who wanted it, nor wanted better for themselves. They seemed to only be content with taking what is given to them, smiling  and later complaining about it behind closed doors. I didn’t get it???

If you’re that miserable in life, why not actually do something about it?

I decided to start a small blog and coupled it with a YouTube channel, because well, not necessarily to be ‘the next big thing’  but because I had a story to tell and things I feel passionate about, so I created my own platform in which to be able to speak my mind and hopefully connect with other like minded individuals.

Here are just a few thoughts and tips about achieving successful in whatever avenue you choose. This has been derived from my personal experiences in life, hopefully you can receive some useful information to assist you on whatever path you may be currently following.