100%Pure Silk Pillow Cases for Soft Curls

I discovered a lovely new product line London Ivy Products and their 100% Pure Silk Pillow Cases have been doing wonders for my curls. They are softer, more manageable and have a lot less frizz.

I’ll periodically pop up as I plan on adding to this list as I discover or am introduced to new products and services that I would like to share!

A HUGE part of Curly Hair Routine is using a silk wrap and or pillow case as night. They provide protection, minimize frizz and help preserve my natural curl pattern and integrity, so I don’t have to re-do my hair each and every morning. No one has time to style their hair from scratch everyday, especially being a mom. So It’s extremely important to preserve your curls as much as you can ( not to mention the expense of the products themselves.) Hey, no one ever said just because you decide to wear your natural hair that you would skimp out on hair products all together.

Happy Curls!

My Curly Hair Routine Using New Kenra Products






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