Our Lunch Date at Au Fudge

I’ve been planning outings here and there now that the little one is getting older and more active. So we decided to check out a new restaurant Au Fudge in Los Angeles. I had heard about the place a few months back and was eager to give it a try.

I compiled a list of the major points that I typically make note of whenever I visit some place new.

Location – West Hollywood ( on Melrose )

Parking – Street ( metered ) parking; $1.50/hr. There is Valet available, however, it appeared they only have Valet available in the evenings and probably on the weekends when parking is more in demand. We went during happy hour; school days 3pm-6pm and there was ample parking right across the street.

Ambience – From the moment we walked in, It felt very warm and welcoming.

Décor- BEAUTIFUL. simply BEAUTIFUL. I didn’t have a high powered DSLR camera with me, so the picture doesn’t quite do it justice. However, the view from our table was so pretty. I felt like we were in an enchanted forest and the only thing we were missing was our flower crowns made of baby’s breath.

Au Fudge Bar and Dining Room

Staff – Everyone was extremely friendly and helpful. Our waitress and the Au Pair in the creative space took their time to explain everything in great detail ( since this being our first time here ) and ensuring that we had all we needed and were comfortable. They even alerted me when our food arrived at our table while we were busy playing inside the creative space.

Food – To be honest, it wasn’t anything to write home about. But I’m not saying it was bad, it was more of a *meh*. I chocked it up to being tantamount to taking the kiddos to chuck-e-cheese; where you don’t really go for the food. However, my mind was at ease knowing the food and all of its ingredients were prepared fresh, were organic and sustainably sourced and not pumped full of hormones, dyes and additives. Not to mention, the personalized Au Fudge plate ware was a nice touch.



Creative Space –  $15/2 hours and $10/2 hours during happy hour. The only drawback is the space is more for children 18 months and older. I wouldn’t come here with very young children ( unless you have older children as well who could take advantage and enjoy the play area). There really isn’t sufficient amount of space for a stroller, so leave that in the car. On that note, the dining area doesn’t provide much room for one either, in my opinion. I would elect to bring the car seat only for very small babies. Side note: We went while it was not very busy, so we had plenty of space, I am speaking in terms of if you were planning to come on or during a busier day/time.

Au Fudge Creative Space
Au Fudge Creative Space Doll House



Baby Girl Having Fun in The Arts and Crafts Station

Restrooms –  I know this may sound a bit weird to mention the restrooms in a review. However, I couldn’t leave it out simply due to the fact that it was planned out with such care and I was pleasantly surprised that the Baby Changing area was extremely well stocked with all of the essentials and must haves. And when I say well stocked, I mean with complimentary Honest Company Baby Products. Yep, that included Honest Diapers, Honest Baby wipes, Honest Baby Power, Honest Soothing Bottom Wash, Honest Hand Lotion, and Honest Hand Sanitizer. I was in awe. I could tell a lot of thought went into the planning for their customers ( especially those with little ones who have yet to be potty trained. )


Honest Company Loves Au Fudge sign right above the Baby Changing Station
Baby Changing Station
Complimentary Honest Company  Diapers ( in her size )


Complimentary Honest Company Baby Powder & Soothing Bottom Wash


The Marketplace – Be sure to bring your pocket book. Majority of the items here come with a price tag that rivals a high end toy store.

Dessert – We didn’t order anything from the actual dessert menu, however they offer some yummy dessert options inside of the small bakery that is located directly within the marketplace. They had a few vegan options as well.

Our trip was made complete by serendipitously meeting Jessica Biel and her son Silas. Jess as she introduced herself while she shook my hand, is one of the co-owners  of Au Fudge and was just casually hanging out in the creative space with Justin’s mom and her dad and baby Silas. It was one of the rare moments of ” umm… okay, so that happened.” I was so excited, yet wasn’t trying to come across as a weirdo, lol. But I’ve been such a huge fan of her and Justin’s ( since the NSYNC days 🙂 ) It was just so wonderful to bump into someone you practically grew up with watching on TV and in Film and to see they are just human like you and I, as well as a mommy.



Overall, our visit to Au Fudge was hands down amazing. I left super excited to look up their activity calendar online to see which classes we could come back and attend. I was recommended the Toddler French Music Class.


Check out our VLOG:

New Mommy Life | Lunch Date Vlog 




On Dealing with Our Childhood Emotions


As the second year of motherhood is approaching. I have been catching up on my reading list and have been putting forth more of an effort to get back to my center. What prompted this for me was my feeling of loss of self. Not to sound too dramatic, however, I have noticed these past few weeks my patience has been wearing thin. I felt as if the slightest little thing would or could set me off. I felt moody and slightly more irritable. My cycle has been on and off and I know that can be a huge contributor to mood swings as well as anything along the lines of hormonal imbalance(s), but I’ll have to save all of that for a future blog post, as that is an entire topic I wish to discuss at a later date.

I came to the realization that I had allowed my emotions and circumstances to back me into a corner and that I had been harboring a lot of feelings of animosity towards myself (as well as a few others) that coupled with stress and insomnia  —  in addition to the many things going on in life, had finally caught up to me; as they often times will do.

Everything was manifesting itself into me being over the top moody and/or completely shut down and despondent. There wasn’t much of a happy medium. The one who was truly suffering through my emotional roller coaster ride was my little one. my angel. my heart. She’s innocent in all of this, yet I found myself losing my cool over things that normally didn’t phase me. Sadly, I felt, I had become the very parent that I swore I would never become. I would even speak to her about this while she was still in utero.

I broke down and cried.

How could I have broken my promise? How could I have let her down? and let myself down? I felt like a failure of a mom. I felt lost and had no idea what to do. I ran a bath, lit some candles and placed my rose quartz stones nearby. I took a few deep breaths, said a quiet prayer and spoke to God. I asked Him for forgiveness and to help me do better from here on out. I then apologized to my little Khy berry and she welcomed me with open arms, as she always does.

Children are so resilient. But they shouldn’t have to be.

Then it hit me like a ton of bricks.

How is it as parents, we have such high expectations of our little ones and demand that they “get it together” at the drop of a hat during a time of great emotion or chaos? They are simply learning as they go and we are teaching them by the example we set. We expect their emotional maturity to be perfected and evolved, when we ourselves are battling through that very thing every day.

Many of us were not taught nor had any one ever mention emotional intelligence or emotional maturity to us. It’s not even really taught at the university level. It’s something you must actively seek out, pursue and make a commitment in your life to achieve. 

You have to be the change you want to see. It doesn’t just occur out of the blue with some pixie dust being sprinkled into the air.

 When little people are overwhelmed with big emotions. It’s our job to share our calm, not join their chaos.” – L.R. Knost


This quote really hit home with me. It made me take several steps back and calm myself. If you are a mom and have been struggling with this lately, I hope it can provide some comfort and clarity for you as well.







A New Mommy, a New World of Exploration

A new life

Hello and Welcome. New Mommy Life came about shortly after I found out I was preggo. I was scared, excited and… I don’t know what quite else to say, in order to be able to articulate into words what I felt. If you’ve ever been pregnant before, perhaps you know what I mean. I think my anxiety mostly stemmed from the fact that I was not ‘trying’ to become pregnant. So, I did what I always do in times of fear or confusion. I prayed. I received confirmation that everything was going to be just fine. Then my mind began to shift, I was now a part of this whole “motherhood” thing. This group of women that I would watch from afar while I was out shopping for a new pair of TOMS, or dining out stag at Nordstrom Cafe. I would catch myself staring at them, and their children and would quickly have to look away for fear that I would be admonished or looked upon as a creep. Now that I am on the other side, I can see why so many people can’t help but smile at the sight of another beautiful and precious human being (in a small package) come into your presence. I became more conscious and mindful of this new life my body was creating and nurturing, and also how I was giving up so much, yet making a tiny minuscule sacrifice, as my baby grew second by second. While my body was changing, my mind was transforming, I was less concerned about my health and well-being and grew more and more concerned with my unborn. I know that may sound strange, since as a pregnant woman, your health is and should be the utmost importance, and it was. However, I am digging deeper here, and I was beginning to think about other women, mothers or not, and their children, not just mine. I thought about how many women out there in the world, lacked the advantages and opportunities I had. I became concerned. In the age of “it’s all about me” and self preservation, that’s a very powerful statement, and not contemplated enough in our society, in my humble opinion. Thus, New Mommy Life became a form of a calling, if you will. An inner part of my spirit that I had yet to know. And so, here it is, the first step on this journey, where it will lead me, I have yet to know, but I hope I can inspire and join together with other moms and women, as I pursue this path of love, health and wellness for all. #NewMommyLife #Unity #Health #Wellness #Love #Hope #Positivity