Hypercritical of our Children

Do you ever feel that young children are the Most and Highly criticized people on the planet? Many before they’re able to hold their own heads up autonomously? Why is that? I guess it never dawned on me prior to becoming a mommy myself ( that coupled with the fact it’s simply not in my nature to criticize nor ridicule others. ) but I’ve been noticing the increase in the insensitive things that people tend to say about babies and children. Case in point, if I hear how my baby girl has “big feet” “big hands” “a big head” or anything else that is described as “BIG” one more time, I’m going to flip out! and tell the person ( in not so nice words, mind you ), about how flawed they are as a full grown adult — and how my baby has her entire life ahead of her to grow into and or, out of any ‘physical attribute that is deemed so tragic and so undesirable’… and the worst part is, these comments tend to come from the people closest to us, our own family. Not strangers.

I’ve even caught myself looking at my baby as if the person has discovered something that I missed, then I snap back into reality ( Thank God ) and realize there is absolutely NOTHING wrong with my baby. She is proportionate, healthy and strong. No one is perfect, nor looks perfect. And I do not want her to grow up with any ideas that she has something wrong with her, then look to Instagram or whatever social media outlet, in attempt to achieve validation.

Gosh, it drives me insane! How is it that it’s okay to have complete lack of self control and courtesy when it comes to a child, and your conversations with or pertaining to them, especially those that are descriptive of their person. Would it be appropriate to point out to an adult woman and mention her defined ‘crows feet’ or the ever-receding hair line of a man?? N-O, not even if the message was delivered in a joking manner. You would be viewed as rude, insensitive and down right cruel according to the etiquette standards of some. The old adage of “sticks and stones” is a fallacy. Words hurt worse than a stick, stone or anything that could be thrown.

Now, I am in no way insinuating that everyone engages in this type of behavior. This is a semi-rant, about those who do.

My point is, a young child’s self-esteem is delicate, I know. I suffered from low-self esteem most of my life, that stemmed from lack of compassion or discernment from my own parents, who did not see the value of a healthy, confident child. But that’s another post entirely.

So please, I implore everyone to be a little more mindful when you see a baby/child, to ensure your ‘filter’ is attached, and not be so hypercritical of what they look like, nor point out all the so-called “flaws” they possess.

They’re children, and even if you think they cannot understand what is being said about them, I, as their mommy, am fully able to comprehend what is being said and the meaning behind such damaging language.